Some great seasonal races in the greater Napa area (not necessarily timed by NorCal!)

Apr 8:

Festival Napa Valley Sun Run 5K/10K
Proceeds go to support the Napa County Alliance for Arts Education

April 22:

Spring Has Sprung
From the mighty Lake County Milers, in its 16th year!

April 29:

MPS Society Race for a Cure
A 5K at the beautiful Yountville Veterans Home. All proceeds benefit the National MPS Society.

May 19:

Race for Education
Powered by Napafit and the Napa Valley Education Foundation


NorCal Timing is a local Napa-based race timing company for running and walking events.

We started and grew out of the need to time a few of our own local races. As race organizers, we wanted to offer accurate, high-tech computerized chip timing, but the timing services in the area either had prior engagements, or were too expensive for smaller-sized events like ours. So we went out, purchased some timing equipment of our own, and decided to handle the timing ourselves. And it worked well!

Soon, friends and other local races were asking if we could handle the timing for their events as well, and we decided to offer our services in a more official capacity.

Because we build and integrate our own systems from "off the shelf" parts and write our own software, our costs are lower than a typical timing company that might use brand-name timing systems and software. As a result our timing fees are low as well. The Napa and greater North Bay area is lucky to sport several first-rate timing companies, but those companies may not always be available on the day you need them, or they may charge a little more than you can afford for a small event. If that's the case, shoot us an email and see if we can help!

Our goal is not to time hundreds of events each year across California. Rather, we prefer to fill a need for local, small to medium races

Our Timing System:

Our computerized timing system uses RFID antennas and disposable chips attached to the back of the racing bibs. There are no timing mats on the ground, no heavy transponders to wear or return at the finish line, and no clumsy tags to attach to your shoelaces. Just pin the bib to the front of your shirt and you are ready to go!

Overall results per gender for each race (e.g. 5K Men, 5K Women, 10K Men, 10K Women) are displayed in real time on TV monitors as participants cross the finish line.

An "advanced warning" system can be installed ahead of the finish area, letting your announcer know ahead of time who is approaching the finish line.

Results per age division are printed at regular intervals as needed.

The races are recorded on multiple cameras, both as a backup mechanism and as a way to share and relive the event later on if you wish!